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How to Choose a Travel Agent Consumers spend a lot of money yearly for their travels in and out of the United States. Whether you want to be your own travel agent or hire a professional, planning is a key factor in making your holiday travel a pleasure. How to Spot a Good Travel Agent A good travel agent spends time to know what you want and need, how much you can spend, your limitations, such as phobias or a medical condition like pregnancy. They will then comparison-shop while finding you the best prices for your transportation and accommodation and other necessary services, while ensuring that you are satisfied.
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More specifically, a good agent stays abreast of new developments in the industry that may benefit you, such as reduced airfares, special hotel deals and the like. And of course, they also know about local cultures and attractions at popular tourist hotspots, and can give you tips to make the right options, keeping your vacation trouble-free.
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Services Provided by Travel Agents Travel agents have an entire range of duties and responsibilities, but below are the most common: > Booking for air, bus, rail and sea travel, car rentals and cruises, both local and international > Giving information about travel-related matters, like passports and visas, inoculations, weather, traveler’s checks, etc. > Setting up itineraries and arrangements for group and individual tours Finding a Good Travel Agent Locating a good travel agent may not always come easy. After all, though there are plenty out there, their work quality can be so different. But taking advice from your own friends and business associates is always a nice start. Remember, it’s important to call many agencies so you can compare them, instead of just focusing on one prospect. When making comparisons however, make sure you supplied each agent exactly the same details. Check everything, from the way the office looks to how the people listen to you and respond to your concerns and queries. Know their agents’ professional backgrounds. What kind of education or training or education do they have, for instance? Secure a BBB reliability report on any specific agent you may be planning to use. If possible, go with a local travel agent.. There are several travel promotions that distribute “vacation certificates” on the premise that a free holiday will bring in more traffic and potential customers to their sales sites. Before you pay for a vacation certificate, the BBB recommends you ask for written information regarding the offer. Certainly, you need to be careful with high pressure sales tactics, such as “This offer will expire in 24 hours. And when you get incredibly low offers, be suspicious. Know what will be and will not be included in the price you are quoted; and finally, never reveal your credit card number to someone you cannot trust completely.