What is CardCash?

To buy or sell gift cards from CardCash? Either one you choose is way is a win win.

What is CardCash?
CardCash buys gift cards at a lesser value and then resells them at a discounted price to shoppers.

Buying cards. Buy gift cards at a discounted price to stretch your money more and save with CardCash.

100% guarantee. CardCash has a 45 Day Guarantee and will offer a refund if card ends up having discrepancies.

Array of cards to choose from. CardCash gift cards from over 1100 retailers available for you to buy.

Card balance. Note that the balance on the gift card you purchase from CardCash might have an uneven balance.

Methods of payments. CardCash accepts all forms of payments. and for orders over $1,000 you can request access to an ACH payment.

Sales are final. Important to mention that all sales are final and CardCash doesn’t accept returns. It will only issue a refund if there was a discrepancy on their end.

Check merchants policies. Before using your card online make sure to check with the merchant first.

Cards don’t expire. Be aware that most gift cards don’t have an expiration date.

Say no to retail price. Stop paying full price for gift cards and save on discounted ones at CardCash. Pick from apparel, food & beverage, home & garden, pets, shoes; sports & outdoors.

Selling your gift cards is very simple. Go to selling page, find merchant, enter balance and get an offer. That easy.

Get the most money from unused cards. CardCash will offer up to 92% of the gift card value.

Ways of payment. CardCash will issue a check or sent an ACH deposit. Or you can opt to trade your gift card for a new one.

Length of payment. Once verified payments are sent within 1-2 days of order being approved.

All information is entered on website. There is no need to send in old git cards to CardCash just enter card number and pin.

Expiration on card is not sellable. CardCash doesn’t buy gift cards with an expiration date.

CardCash does a background check on your cards. When you sell a gift card to CardCash you will need a credit card so CardCash can verify your identity.

Send cards safely. If you are sending a bunch of cards to CardCash it is recommended to add a tracking service.

Ways CardCash sends cards. Physical gift cards are sent for free via regular shipping mail and printable eCards via email.
Printable eCards arrive within minutes or at the latest 24 hours. On the other hand, physical cards will arrive in up to 7 days.

Join CardCash today and turn your unwanted gift cards into money you can use on other things. You can also trade your gift cards and get new ones. Or buy gift cards at a discounted price to gift to others.

At CardCash you have many options, decide the route you take wisely. Consider going for the savings and use a cardcash coupon.