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Learn How to Safely Climb Kenya’s Highest Mountain There are a number of things that people could choose to consider when looking forward to climb the highest mountain in Kenya and like any other climb, it is imperative that you will make adequate research in order for you to be well aware on what items really matter down the line. Thing is that making enough research ahead is what will then assure that you will safely get to the top and be successful when you get back on the ground. When you are to climb the highest mountain in Kenya, it is very important that you will have to make preparations in both mind and physical attributes. Ignoring the need to make adequate preparation ahead is a sign that you will get to encounter a number of problems down the line such as acute mountain sickness. Thing is that there will be a ton of things that you could do and to make sure you are regularly hydrated, is guided accordingly by a well-experienced guide, as well as ensure that you are not rushing to get to the top are just some of the things that will aid you in cementing a great experience throughout. A good thing to note when you are looking forward to successfully climb Mount Kenya is to make sure that you will not rush into climbing the top and that you should take some extra time for your ascent just so you could spend a day at the Shipton’s Camp. Not only that this will aid you in terms of knowing the itinerary of the climb but also give you a good time to enjoy your trek at the peak. Thing is that this is not Mount Everest that you need to make and undergo a rigid training exercise because as long as you are physically fit for trekking and is well-acquainted with walking 6-8 hours a day, then you should do fine.
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When it comes to building a crew, it should be that it is composed of the right people, which is the guide, the porters for the cooking gear, as well as the cooks. The main reason why you will have to be specific about getting yourself a good experienced guide is to make sure that they will be able to help and regulate depending on your pace, which, will then give you the assurance that you will be aided accordingly should signs of acute altitude sickness kicks in. Remember that if you are to choose a guide, they should be licensed with Kenya Wildlife Services and at the same time, holds a mountain guide park at the Mt Kenya National Park.Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Vacations