The Giant’s Causeway Bus Tour Myths Debunked

The Giant’s Causeway has been an attraction for the tourists for many reasons. It is a beautiful site with 40,000 stepping stones (39 feet) declining down the sea. Tourists love to climb down and sit at the brink with their loved ones, and enjoy the beautiful sight.

The place is protected by The National Trust which is why it is safe to travel any time of the year. According to reports, The Giant’s Causeway wasn’t safe some years ago and in 1588, around thousand soldiers died due to a shipwreck incident on the rocky coastline of the site. However, such is not the case today. Bus tour guides take tourists from a safe route and safety is top notch at the site itself.

According to Allen’s Tours, a recognized bus tour company in the area, “We are directed to put safety first, and all our tours are planned accordingly. You just need to hire the right company and you will have a great time at The Giant’s Causeway.”

The Giant’s Causeway is the most visited site in the Northern Ireland, and most people seem to prefer bus tours over private tours when visiting The Giant’s Causeway.

However, there still seem to be several myths regarding bus tour that make people worried about taking one. Let’s debunk these myths today:

1 – Giant Causeway Bus Tours Are Way Too Expensive

It is normal for someone to consider these bus tours pricey without even knowing the actual price. This is because these bus tours are exotic, and very lavish, which is why ‘expensive’ is often the first expression, but this is far from the truth as Giant’s Causeway bus tours are very affordable, and usually a lot cheaper than private tours.
If you go by your own car, you have to cover different expenses including gas, food, and parking fee. Plus, you may also have to hire a guide to help you with the place. However, when you go on a guided bus tour to The Giant’s Causeway, you do not have to worry about any additional expenses as the ticket price include everything, and all you have to do is enjoy yourself.

2 – They Are Boring

Another rumor about bus tours driving to The Giant’s Causeway is that they lack the entertainment factor. The truth is in fact that it’s the other way around.
Bus tours are the reason your trips get filled with thrills and excitement. When you choose the right bus tour company to take you to The Giant’s Causeway then consider your enjoyment level doubled.
You won’t be missing a single spot and would be educated with tones of knowledge about the place and the history it holds. So, bus trip are far from boring.

3 – They Aren’t Comfortable and Safe

The level of comfort and peace of mind tourists receive when they travel with bus tour companies is something you won’t find while traveling alone.

The buses are highly comfortable with ACs and heaters to use during summers and winters. The seats are also comfortable to make your journey soothing.

All safety measures are kept in mind by bus tour guide companies because that’s how they build reputation and increase their business.


If you for some reason believed in these myths then it’s time to get your facts straight and know the real worth of guided bus tours.