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5 Tips To Remember When Having A Bachelorette Party

If you are the maid of honor, then it can probably be stressful but can bring great amount of fun particularly when the time comes that you are about to plan for a bachelorette party. If you wish to up your party and make it something that everyone will never forget for the rest of their life, the ideas below may just help you out.

Number 1. Drag shows – whether you believe it or not, these shows are a lot more popular than before. Rather than just going to basic clubs and wearing a male genitalia shaped tiara, take the soon-to-be bride to her very first drag show. Many of these are in nightclubs as well and create the best opportunity in having few drinks. There are several bus rental services you can get in which will set your mood before you arrive at the club.

Number 2. Food – going out on a restaurant to eat something might seem to be basic but, it’s always nice to have a bit of something in your stomach before drinking. If you are expecting some people to come in late, eating in a restaurant offers the right chance for everyone to meet.
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Number 3. Favors – party favors are actually not a necessity but this is a nice way to give everyone a memento of what a wonderful evening was with friends. Pick something for the bachelorette since this night is supposed to be about her. After that, pick other items in bulk and then, put it in a cute bachelorette gift bag. There are many adult shops that have bachelorette favors but mini champagne bottles, mini martini glasses, scented glasses, nail polish, trial size facial masks are often enough.
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Number 4. Spa day – everyone doesn’t get to enjoy a night getting drunk and full of male strippers. There are brides who simply want to keep things low profile or want to relax before their big day comes. A spa day together with some of her closest friends will be a good choice. Book everyone for a day spa and be sure that you include pedicures, facials and manicure. If you want it to be more cost effective, consider planning for a DIY spa day at one of friend’s house. Play your favorite movie, bring in some popcorn and start on doing each other’s nails.

Number 5. Transportation – the day of bachelorette party is nothing but the bride and she shouldn’t be driving herself to the venue. While it is somewhat daunting, it is worth it to ensure that everyone has their transportation and that there is someone who will drive the bride.