Planning a Honeymoon to be More Romantic

The honeymoon was arguably a good time at all for the newly married couple. In contrast to when the courtship, the honeymoon period is the time to enjoy time alone with your partner. Surely the time it is where the young couple could be so romantic.
Indeed, the honeymoon can be done anywhere, but it is better planned carefully. Especially for couples traveler, who likes traveling or planning a honeymoon can be more complicated than expected. Sure, it’s the easiest honeymoon stay fly to Bali, looking for private villa for a honeymoon here, for example, then stay to spend a honeymoon period at the villa alone together without anywhere.

Regardless, Tips Planning Honeymoon Honeymoon Ala Traveler Or it might be useful for couples who want to experience the honeymoon is different from the others.
1. Choosing Honeymoon Destinations
Bali is the most common destination and certainly the most fun to have as a honeymoon new couple. In addition to the amenities so complete, in Bali there are many private villas that can be rented at a price that is quite friendly. For those who want a lightweight traveling, Bali can still be included as a honeymoon destination. Areas such as Ubud and Amed is the perfect place for a honeymoon in Bali.
Can also choose Lombok is located next to Bali can also be used for a couple of traveler who likes adventure. Indeed, in addition to having some romantic destination, Lombok also has a destination for the adventurous. Like a ride in the streets of northern chili or relax both in South Lombok a delightful example.
Alternatively, combine them as we can. Although it might be a bit extreme for honeymooners, but try anything unusual honeymoon, the honeymoon-style caper island as we also fun. We chose to sail to Lombok from Bali, then relax in Gili Trawangan, and continued on a cruise to Nusa Lembongan quiet, and then we end with a rest in villas in Bali.
2. Purchase Complete Package Honeymoons, Or Planning Alone
Either buy a complete package honeymoon to a travel agent, or plan their own both a surplus each – each. Nothing is cheaper or more expensive, because it both ways may become more expensive or even cheaper. By purchasing a package to a travel agent, might be cheaper because there are no discounts and budget changes. While the plan itself may be possible over budget.
However, if you buy a package at a travel agent, usually can not be too freely choose the destination for the honeymoon. It could be, a honeymoon package that cost was just visiting a common destination, and sometimes even crowded. Where could spend time alone? While the plan itself, you can freely choose the destination, accommodation or even when you want to be alone, when you want the road – the road.
3. Honeymoon Romance, Many Roads, Combined Or Both
Usually when the honeymoon is a time to get lots of vacation time and vacation time. Maybe there will be a sense of want all propagated the road – the road course, explored here and there, go places you’ve never visited before. But remember, the honeymoon was different from the usual holiday.
Time alone, and the time – try impartial way. And make sure there is always time to be alone ya! *this is important*. It could be, in the morning used to roam destinations around the inn, while the afternoon until the evening is time alone while waiting for a beautiful sunset together, or a romantic dinner.
4. Set Choosing Honeymoon Stay In Villa, Or In Hotel
Stay at the Villa, or at the hotel? Some say, stay at the villa will be much more expensive than in the hotel. Because it will be more who choose to stay at the hotel to save budget honeymoon. But, if you look further, there is now a lot of villa rental cost per night the same or even cheaper than hotels.
For the matter of convenience, the two both equally comfortable, the origin of baseball is one choose a hotel or villa. However, for privacy matters, far more private villa. Because if in the hotel, usually only going to get a private room, with outdoor area and pool are filled with visitors. Meanwhile, if renting a villa, will get one unit complete with a private pool.
5. Honeymoon Destinations is not the problem, Or How long the honeymoon. But How to Enjoy Together With Fullest
May be there who think that the honeymoon in Bali or Lombok it was too mainstream, must find a different, distant, unique, that is something. Or, honeymoon 3 days it’s less, 5 days