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Tips for Applying Flea Treatment More than likely, your pet is on a monthly flea and tick protection practice. No matter what many owners think, indoor pets also have to be placed on a preventive routine. Even on a pet who hates to sit still, flea medication shouldn’t be too difficult to apply. But there are some tips that can help a lot. First of all, prior to giving any kind of medication to your pet, be sure to read and follow the directions exactly! If your pet is pregnant or sick, check with your vet prior to applying the medicine. If your vet is not available, then talk to the product’s manufacturer. It’s a must to be careful with pets with compromised immune systems. When dealing with medication, always keep product and the box or label together. Several pet owners buy a six-month supply of flea medication, so that need not return to the vet each month. And that is perfectly okay! However, just put the whole supply in the box, so when an emergency arises, or if you have any questions, you can just read the label. It is somewhat easier to use medication on a dog than on a cat; dogs wouldn’t normally fuss about it. However, a dog tends to roll around more than a cat, so if the medication hasn’t fully been absorbed, it may not be fully effective. This is why it’s best to give your dog flea medication just before bedtime. He should be less active or playful by this time. Most likely, the manufacturer will include some recommendations on the label. Again, spend time reading these and other instructions, not just to keep your pet safe, but also to make sure that the medication will work as it should.
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If you are doing everything as instructed and yet you’re still having issues with fleas, then you should go a step further than your pet. Check your house and yard for flea infestations. After applying the medication, the whole area must be vacuumed to eliminate the fleas or reduce their number at the very least. Speak to your vet and ask for advice about killing fleas in your home. If nothing works, a pest control company can be your last resort.
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Flea medicine application is rather easy, and it’s not even something you would need the help of a veterinarian with. The idea is to read instructions. As long as you do, there’s no reason you wouldn’t be able to do it right. Of course, if you’re not very sure about something, you can always call the veterinarian or the manufacturer of the product. They will usually be more than happy to help.