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4 most extraordinarily mysterious places to visit in India

India is a great known for its regional diversity, and beauty. Be it the golden deserts or the soaring hills, India is a country which is full of everything that a traveler would like to enjoy. However, not all of us know, that there are a host of interesting or rather bizarre places to see in India as well, and many of them are located in common cities like Bangalore or even Mumbai. So, next time you book any of your Mumbai to Bangalore flights, make sure you explore the mystery hidden in any of these cities, so that you are able to add more fun to your vacation. Here are some of the 10 most extraordinarily mysterious places to visit in India:


  • Temple of Rats


Rajasthan is an abode of a host of mysterious place to see, and one of the most interesting is the Karni Mata Mandir, which is popular by the name of ‘Temple of Rats’. The temple is situated in a tiny little town, which is named as Deshnoke, but it holds a lot of value in the history of state. Thousands of rats keep wandering in the temple, and this has made it one of the most visited mysterious attraction of the state.


  • Alluringly Abandoned Fort


Settled near the charming city of Mumbai, Kalavantin Durg, which is a pretty fort can be seen even while driving of the Mumbai-Pune Highway. The fort has a very solid history that makes it an interesting pick of the tourist in Maharashtra. However, one thing that makes it more fascinating is its captivating architecture, and ease of access from the popular city of Bollywood. So, whether you have come to Mumbai from Bangalore or Delhi, you should surely give this temple a visit once before boarding your Mumbai to Bangalore flights or Mumbai to Delhi flights.

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  • The Haunted Cemetery


The word cemetery is enough to give you some scary thoughts, but when it comes to a cemetery like the Kalpalli Cemetery, you are sure to get double of those goosebumps. This cemetery in Bangalore is famous for its ghostly activities like some people have seen a scary man prowling about the graves. So, if you are someone who wants to experience something like this, then board any of the Mumbai to Bangalore flights or Delhi to Bangalore flights, to experience this spooky place in Bangalore.


  • The devil of the 90’s!


Naale Baa is one of the other mysteriously haunted places in Bangalore. Somewhere in the 90′s, some people witnessed a tremendously spooky phenomenon where a ghost would knock the door and look out for potential victims and answering the doors was certainly a big NO. There are other interesting and scary stories related to this mysterious place, and you would have to immediately board one of the most suitable Mumbai to Bangalore flights or Goa to Bangalore flights, in order to experience it.

So, whether you need to book an Ahmedabad to Bangalore, Delhi to Rajasthan or any of the Mumbai to Bangalore cheap domestic flights, book them fast if you want to experience something mysterious!

Myanmar: Major Travel Guide – Myanmar Internal Flight Tickets

Myanmar, once in the past known as Burma, is a place that is known for confidence, conventional practices and hundreds of year’s old stupas. The republic in South-East Asia is limited by India, China, Bangladesh, Laos and Cambodia and spreads a territory of 676,578 square kilometers.

Myanmar has a recorded populace of 51 million (starting at 2014).

Regardless of lying at the intersection of 2 of the world’s most prominent human advancements, India and China, Myanmar’s way of life isn’t straightforwardly affected much by both of them and is a lovely organization of both, meshed into Myanmar’s local attributes. Myanmar internal flight tickets and domestic flight tickets are cheap.

Known for their friendliness and kindness, the people and the life in Myanmar are to a great extent affected by Buddhism, and have been content and eager even notwithstanding numerous misfortunes.

How to get ready for a trek to Myanmar?

  • Visa: Anyone with an international ID from Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Brunei and Vietnam can enter the nation for at most 14 days. On the off chance that that is not the situation, you have to apply for a Myanmar traveler visa.
  • Cash: Known as Kyat, it’s genuinely simple to trade outside money at air terminals, lodgings, Forex and banks. Likewise, remote monetary forms over 2000 USD must be announced to the traditions at the air terminal instead of which the administration issues Foreign Exchange Certificates, which are acknowledged by eateries, travel specialists, taxis, inns, aircrafts, and so forth.
  • Inoculations: Myanmar’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention prescribes everybody touching base at the nation to get immunized for chickenpox, measles-mumps-rubella, lockjaw diphtheria-pertussis, influenza and typhoid.
  • Pick a season: The period amongst February and May is warm with practically no precipitation. The nation changes to a lavish land between the long stretches of May and October with downpours pouring through evenings and nighttimes. October to February is the merry season and furthermore the best time to visit the nation.

Top Destinations

With unusual mountains to intriguing, white-sand shorelines, and with rich scenes spotted with pagodas and a flourishing nightlife, Myanmar has everything an explorer needs.


Yangon filled in as the capital of Myanmar until 2006. It’s a standout amongst the most essential urban communities with most travelers starting or completion their trip to Myanmar here.

Real attractions in the city are:

  • Shwedagon Pagoda
  • Bogyoke Aung Market
  • Kandawgyi Lake
  • City’s strolling visit
  • Bagan and Central Myanmar


It’s an old sanctuary city, which used to be a site painted with in excess of 10,000 sanctuaries, religious communities and pagodas, of which just more than 2,200 remains.

Real attractions in the city are:

  • Hot-air swell ride
  • Pontoon journey at Irrawaddy stream
  • Lacquerware workshops
  • Shwesandaw and Shwegugyi Temples
  • Mount Popa
  • Shoreline get away


Nearly around 33% of Myanmar’s edge frames a continuous coastline of just about 2,000 kilometers running along Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal. Myanmar is home to a standout amongst the most dynamite shorelines on the planet.

Real shorelines in the nation:

  • Ngapali Beach in Rakhine state
  • Chaung Thar in Irrawaddy locale
  • Myeik North and Myeik South
  • Ngwe Saung (4 hour drive from Yangon)


Travel to Myanmar, place that is known for the Buddhist relics. Third eye travel arranges Myanmar travel bundles enduring 11 days.

One of the most amazing Japan tours – what to do in Tokyo

One of the most amazing of all Japan tours is the Tokyo tour. I think that Tokyo is a city worth exploring without a plan. With internet access and some on-site research, I think you can make a list of exciting activities and attractions.

In the four days I have been able to see everything I found attractive in the city and surroundings. For a first visit it was more than enough. It’s impossible to make a top, but I recommend that you make as many of those as you draw attention.

  1. Get lost by yourself

Ride through the Central Station and if you want more, you can walk through the “underground city” from the station to the nearby metro stations. I arrived by subway in Ginza and seeing signs to JR station I thought to follow them. Not a few times I thought it was ok and I was coming out. Another good place not to miss is in Sunshine City, the first city complex in the city of Japan. Even though it was designed in 1978 it is still fascinating and topical.

  1. Popular neighborhoods

Visit popular neighborhoods. Asakusa for history and probably the most important temple (Sensoji) and Akihabara, the electric district. Walk for as long as you can, you will definitely find fascinating things. Through the Akihabara area you can also find the famous cafes. I did not go into any one, but I saw the advertisement on them on the street.

  1. Culinary delights

You can also enjoy various culinary delights in the Asakusa area. Many are up to the entrance to the temple, but the whole area is an animated one and you can find various eating dishes.

  1. Matcha flavor ice cream

Sprinkle with a green tea ice cream. In Asakusa it’s going to be easy to find it. Suzukien Nanaya Gelato is the place to boast the most intense flavor of green tea (matcha). I found out why I had already tried and did not go to him. Matcha is very popular in Japan and you will find it in many delights. After testing it in various forms, I would say it’s just in the tea.

  1. The top of the city

See the top city! You can do it from several places. You can admire the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building for free, but I think the best view you can have from the observer in Sunshine City. I chose the latter, other options would be Tokyo Skytree, Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Tower. All 3 being “too in the city” to admire the view.

  1. Mini-bars in Golden Gai

Drink something in the Golden Gai mini-bar area. It will not be easy to decide because there are over 200 barrels … anyway, you can go from the bar to the bar if you have time. The places are tiny and are more for a group of friends who will fill the bar.

  1. Cross across Shibuya

Cross the pedestrian crossing from Shibuya. This is the most crowded in the world. After crossing the ravine and admiring the agglomeration for … a few traffic lights. And if you do not get the crowd out of the Central Station, here’s where you lose. Shibuya Station is one of the busiest in Japan.

  1. Breakfast in Tsukiji Market

Go for a breakfast in Tsukiji Fish Market. Okay, if you do not have a sleep you can go in the morning (3-4 AM) to see how the “tuna transaction” falls off. I was only satisfied with a breakfast. Unfortunately, the market went through a fire in early August (2017) and will most likely be under renovation for a while. Find out more here.

  1. Buy from vending machines

You should not miss buying anything from the vending machines. There are so many things that it’s hard not to stop looking for something new about them. Most of them are refreshing, but they are some with sweets, ice cream or other to eat.

  1. Go outside the city

Visit a nearby town for a day or a half. You can easily reach Yokohama, Kamakura, Nikko or Kawagoe. I have chosen Kawagoe for half a day and for a full day, Kanazawa. Okay, Kanazawa is not even a day to be done, especially as I was at the festival.

How to Save Money While on Vacation

Vacations are a wonderful thing to go on, but they can be quite expensive. Even if you plan your vacation out, unexpected things may come up that will leave you having to spend more money.

Instead of being stuck paying more money, there are things that you can do to ensure that you save money and still get to have fun. Many people avoid going on vacation because they live under the misconception that it is not affordable. There are plenty of ways to make your vacation money stretch and allow you to have the perfect vacation

Plan your Vacation Out

When you decide to go on vacation, one of the most important things that you can do is to determine where you are going and then determine exactly what you are going to do. Look online at your destination and see what there is to do there. Are there sights and sounds that you would like to go see? Museums, fun park, or water park that are must-haves for your family? Look for fun things to do in the city you are going to. Once you have seen several things that you might want to do, sit down and make a plan. 

Your plan should include exactly where you are going and where you will stay. Knowing your hotel beforehand will help you to plan out your vacation days. Take into consideration everything that you want to do and determine what time of day it would be best to do these things. Take your time and come up with a plan that will allow you to do everything that you want to do. You will also want to set a budget on what you want to spend while on vacation. This will help you to know your budget in your head and to plan accordingly. Be strict with yourself and do not go over your budget while on vacation.

Using Coupons

One of the most popular things that you can do to save money while on vacation is to use coupons. There are many coupons out there that can help you to save money on different attractions. In many cases, you can save 40-50 percent off of wherever you would like to go. For instance, if you would like to go visit an aquarium, you can get a discount coupon for that. Before you go on vacation, look at Type in your city location and you will be able to find a broad variety of coupons for different attractions in the area you are vacationing in. This can help to stretch your budget and even allow you to do more things that you expected on your vacation. 

Taking a vacation is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy your family. However, it can also be expensive and not everyone can go on vacation. Fortunately, with great coupons for the latest attractions, you can go on vacation and enjoy yourself. Start planning your vacation today and remember to take your time and find great coupons to help save money and allow you to enjoy your vacation.

All You Need to Know About Adventures by Disney

When people think of a Disney vacation, thoughts of packed amusement parks with costumed characters are what usually come to mind. Disney has been pushing its vacation business future starting with cruises. They now they have guided tours on several continents around the world. These VIP tours dive deep into the countries culture visiting local tourist destinations, as well as places off the beaten path, and Disney exclusives. These tours leave Mickey and Minnie behind to give the family a unique experience. If this sounds interesting, you can visit an adventures by disney travel agent

Adventures by Disney is available in six countries, and they offer both land and river tours. There are 30 Adventures available. In Iceland, the tour consists of seven nights. The tour includes riding through the Icelandic countryside, whale watching, rafting, hiking, and culinary experiences. In Germany not only can the family visit view many local sites they also can take part in a graffiti workshop. 

For the Family who wants a lot of Disney on their trip, there is a three-night southern California tour that takes a behind the scenes peek at Disney magic. The tour includes VIP treatment at the Disneyland Resort. It includes a behind the scenes look at Disney Imagineers, Disney studios, and even Walt Disney’s own apartment. This tour can be made to coincide with the Disney Cruise. So, after this tour ends, a Disney Cruise Adventure can begin. 

Disney also has 21 river cruise expedition in the Danube, Rhine, and Seine river. The Seine river adventure includes two days of Paris exploration before eight days on the river. The tour has culinary activities, horseback riding, hiking, painting, and a visit to an apple orchard. 

The Disney Adventure Guides go out of their way to make sure that every member of the family is having a good time. The Disney Adventure Guide takes care of every detail of the trip freeing the families to enjoy themselves. When you arrive at your destination, the Adventure Guide is meet with a local expert. The expert will know just way to go to get the best of your cultural experience. The guides go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable while expanding their horizons. There are many tours available that have something for every member of the family. They also have tours just for adults. At the end of the trip, you will receive a Disney Adventure Pin exclusive to that tour. 

Adventures by Disney is A VIP adventure with a VIP Price, so it might not be great for families on a budget. The tour offers a packed itinerary of activities. If you are the type of person who likes to take things slow, then the tours might not suit you. The tours will include other families besides yours. It is best suited for people who feel comfortable in a crowd. Another downside could be that most Adventures are only available in the Summer when the children are out of school. There are some available in Fall, but they are mainly only for adults.